Building Chicago’s Legacy Around Diversity
By Jim Kolar, PwC’s Greater Chicago Market Managing Partner

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  Not a single day passes that we don’t see another Chicago news broadcast or headline about tragedy and another life taken too soon. It’s happening here, around the country and all across the world. There’s no dispute that we’ve all in some way been affected by race-related violence happening in our community. Over the past year, my thinking has …


100 Years in the Making: Social Impact Through Leadership

By Professor George Wu

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The Chicago Urban League’s theme during its centennial year is “Building on Our Legacy.” That theme perfectly reflects the long and continued relationship between the League and The University of Chicago. Robert E. Park, a renowned sociologist at the University of Chicago, was the first president of the Chicago Urban League 100 years ago. Today, a century later in 2016, …


The Foundations of a Firm Legacy

By Toni Cornelius

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On a scorching July day in the “Red Summer” of 1919, 17-year-old Eugene Williams jumped into Lake Michigan for a cooling swim. The African American boy made the fatal error of swimming past the unofficial segregated beach ” barrier” at 29th Street – and was stoned to death by a group of white men on the beach. The outrage at …