The Continued Relevance of Grassroots Activists and Advocates

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By Shari Runner Today, many of the issues facing our African American community would sound familiar to veterans of the Civil Rights Movement:  rampant racial profiling; disproportional unemployment and incarceration rates; separate and unequal school funding; discriminatory sentencing; and rising rates of violence against minorities. Fifty years after the Civil Rights Act was issued, we’ve made some progress; however, the …


Diversity and Inclusion Today—Shifting into My own Legacy in Business

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By Tyronne Stoudemire The evolution of time has afforded us to do things differently in regards to diversity and inclusion in business. We’ve come so far, yet have so far to go. In the city of Chicago, a minority majority town, the demographics are shifting. We are very multicultural—and have always been since our inception— but we still lack the …